Computer Science Seminar Topic for BCA on VoIP or Internet Phone Service

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on VoIP or Internet Phone Service :

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called as a digital phone, broadband phone etc. it is a way to making any kind of phone calls over a high speed internet connection like DSL, cable etc. There are a lot of difficulties in regular phone line but it is very easy to make a call in internet.

To make a call through VoIP we have to use extra equipment which is called Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA). It will supply by the provider for sign up and allows making a call.

It is very cheap and easy setup. There is no other charge or service tax without a low monthly cost. So, using this equipment we can save a huge amount of money per month. 


There are many advantage of using this type of connection. One of the precious is cost. If we call a VoIP user then there is no call rate means it’s absolutely free.

Cost: It is used for reducing the cost of the call. Example:

At a time we can make more than one call through internet

There is very much difficulties to make a phone call from regular telephone line such as digitalization, transmission which are already set in VoIP. Only necessary is encryption.

Portability: It is a social security benefits. 


There are lots of challenges of using this.

  • Quality of Services (QoS): It doesn’t give network based mechanism. It delivers data in a sequential order. By rule network system work first come first serve order. A huge no of protocol is used to support the reporting of Quality of Services. 
  • Emergency Call: By using IP it is difficult to locate users geographically. Sometimes VoIP systems emergency call is passed through a non-emergency phone line. VoIP E911 is a special kind of method, which support calls this. By using Assisted GPS; anyone can trace the location of E911 call. 
  • Security: This type of Telephone systems is susceptible to attacks. It means hacker who know about these can harvest consumer data, record conversations etc.

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