Computer Science Seminar Report on WAP Technology

Introduction to Computer Science Seminar Topic on WAP Technology:

Today the technology is growing a lot around the world. The internet is the main part of the growing technology and the use cell phones is also increasing day by day. In cell phone the WAP is most important topic for its development. Many mobile companies have introduced the technology of WAP services by which the user can access the internet through the mobile like the desktop browser. By using the technology the user can download many information and can able to click on the button or any other hyperlink to move from one page to another.

The mobile browsing and the desktop browsing is similar but there is main difference between then that is the travelling of data through radio wave and in another it is travel through cables.

Importance: -It has many important features that by it we able to link internet anywhere and at anytime. But when it compare to wired connection there is some demerits they are that it has less band width, the connection is not stable for a long time, and it is hard to connect to internet at once. The companies has done some development for this problem they are to scale services according to the customer needs, providing reliable services to the customer, and also to provide services that is suitable for the mobile. And it is very secure.

 Some controversies are there for the WAP mobile such as it is difficult to built WAP mobile phones for new WAP services. The WAP services are very expensive. And it also doesn’t support much other application.

Conclusion:- The WAP services has developed recently then also it had great future and in future it will going to develop at lot like 3G or 4G technology and also the GPRS technology which will bring wireless communication in another directions.

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