Computer Science Final Year Cloud Computing Seminar Report

Introduction to Computer Science Final Year Cloud Computing Seminar Topic:

Cloud computing means to use the computer for the development of internet based technology. It provides the service of virtual and dynamically network to the user. It is implemented on the servers with the large number of technologies. It appears to be single for the entire user in the computing world. It provides many open source software and many other things to the user.Any individual cannot but the infrastructure, it can only be rented for the network.

History: -It has become in use in early 1990’s. The cost for this infrastructure is very low and for implementing this technology no IT skill is required. It is accessible by any one from anywhere in this world by using PC or mobile. Through it we can share our resources from the world. This is very reliable technology therefore it can be use for business purpose. It is very scalable that is it provides high performance. The security in this technology not so much good we can lose our control over sensitive data or resources. It is sustainable that is it provide improved utilization of resources.

Types: – There is various type of cloud computer some of them are

Public cloud: – It is the technology that describes the cloud as the traditional mainstream in which resources are dynamically shared to the users on the internet.

Private cloud: – It is also known as internal cloud. This work for private network and it is very useful for IT companies.

Hybrid cloud: – It consists of both public that is external and private that is internal cloud for storing the data.

Conclusion: – this technology is spreading at a high speed and it is very vast to learn. It is highly using in business and for the creation of new services. It provides IT resources by sharing them.

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