Computer Project Topic on Generic E-Tools with Project Report

Introduction to Computer Project Topic on Generic E-Tools :

This project is titled Generic E-Tools, assists to grip web requests. Since it is difficult for a programmer to generate user interface shape and give record connectivity for each & every form discretely, a utility which provides an easy way for creating those forms is of considerable help to the programmer. 

Therefore it was determined that there is a strong need for developing a utility which will help the programmer with on demand user interface forms and providing a database, with efficient connectivity with the forms. 

This project mainly comprises these modules: 

  1.         Formation Mailing Lists
  2.         Creating User Forms to the tables and retrieving data using these forms
  3.         Display Existing Forms
  4.        Generating Reports by Form wise and List Wise
  5.        Using Google search from our application 

These modules contract with various kinds of data, such as: linking a client appropriate figure to the list as well as get back information and informing the database. 

Information is stored in the database in a systematic and efficient way so that it can easily be retrieved whenever required by querying the reporting module.

Capturing the data is done through user friendly screens depending on the types of data. The entire system is protected using a user level password so that everyone’s data is protected from intruders.

Typical users for this type of application are people who want to generate a new web enabled dynamic content applications and not end users working at the client side. 

This utility is portable, and can be used in a Windows or UNIX environment. We need to configure the settings file to work in any server.

It is a very user friendly and portable tool for developing web applications. The complete structure is protected employing a user level word so everyone’s knowledge is shielded from intruders.

Download  Computer Project Topic on Generic E-Tools with Project Report.

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