Computer Networks MS Paper Presentation Topic

Computer Networks :

       The connection of two or more devices that can share files, resources such as compact disks and printers and internet connections. The devices can be connected through cables, satellites and radio waves on a network without using of the data key the files can be shared to the networked computers. The users of the networked computers can communicate through electronically without using of the internet. This MS Paper Presentation can be useful for students who loves computer networks.

Networks are divided into three types:



     It is smaller area network and it can be existed in small geographical area. It can be connected to group of computer networks. Examples of LAN networks are small offices and colleges, school buildings.

In LAN network we consider one lab in that one computer can perform the role of the file server. All software’s can be stored in that computer and it controls the network. The file server plays the important role in LAN. By connecting the computers to the file server is called workstation. It has less power than file server because it doesn’t store more applications and files like file server and they won’t keep the network up and running and work station can store software’s in the hard devices. These LANs can be connected through the cables.

It provides the two different types of networks

Peer-to-peer network:

 Without using the central computer the communication can be carried from one computer to another computer in which computer plays the important role.

Client/server environment:

   The services can be provided to the users by using the central computer. 


      It connects the multiple LANs at one location but it does not connect to the outside of the town, city and metropolitan area. It is smaller than LAN Larger than MAN. It connects the LANs in the limited functional areas like industrial complexes and college campus.


     It is made by the computers and it exchanges the data across the internet over a great distance. The example of the WAN network is internet through the internet it can connects the various countries. It connects the smaller networks like LANs (Local Area network) or MAN (metropolitan Area network).

 It connects the number of resources across the larger areas such as multinational business. By using WAN different networks can be connected. Depending on the cost the speed in the WAN wires can be high or low. The WAN can pass the data to the network node by using router. Like internet the connection can be local and metropolitan network to communication network can be done by using the multiplexers. It is different to the LAN.

Wired network:

                 For small business and homes the computers networks can be connected through wired or wireless technology. Both the networks like wired and wireless networks have so many advantages.

 The wired network has so many advantages

 It is more secure and it is more reliable    

The two computers can be connected through the wired network by using the Ethernet cable and it requires the central devices like hubs, switches and routers.

Wireless network:       

                        By using this wireless network the computers can be communicated to other devices can be done by the radio signal .It is made up of radio signal frequency and it called as some times WIFI network. By using this wireless network the devices can connect in anywhere there is no need of the wires.

            When we can send the data from computer the radio frequency can encode the binary data and it can be transmitted through the wireless router. The receiver can decode the binary data and it can send back to the sender.

There are two parts of wireless network

  • Wireless router
  • Wireless clients

         It attaches the cable/DSL modem to the wired network and then adds the wireless card to each computer through the simple wireless network. The cable connects directly through the router then the switch ports can be available.

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