Computer Memory Seminar Report

Computer Memory Seminar Report covers different topics on

  1. Semiconductor Memory Developments
  2. Memory Research and Development
  3. 3-Dimensional Optical Memories     
  4. Protein-Based Memory

Since the life is coming on the earth the people have tried to record all the important events related to him. For this, the computer memory has brought the great evolution for storing anything important. Around the year 1940’s every person has brought the computer to store something important related to him. They have introduced the punch cards to store more information in small space.

After that, they have developed the electromagnetic devices to store the data which have circuits in them and they are hard disk and tape. Now a day’s all the companies have introduced many things related to storing device and have reduced a lot of costs. Many companies have introduced the fastest device that is made of electronic circuit called RAM and this is technology which is becoming faster and faster nowadays because of the developing chip.

The magnetic storage device is used in many computers for storing a large amount of the data. After they the companies have introduced the removable storing device that can be used for storing the data and can be move from one place to another. These devices are available in very low-cost. This devices store than Gigabyte in it.

Computer memory based on the protein bacterio-rhodopsin 

Today the research is done to use the protein based memory device which will be very fast and more reliable than the magnetic device. For storing the 3D matrix data we used the bacteriorhodopsin memory device. For a protein memory, the protein is fixed in the BR state and a krypton battery is used for this purpose.

Computer Semiconductor memory

This is the device that is developed using the semiconductor as the technology is increasing, therefore, the increase in the processor speed is also increasing and it becomes extremely fast due to the semiconductor chip and the most common example of this technology is Ram that we use on our computer.

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