Computer Chess History

Computer chess has a great history and the almost the first version of computer chess has emerged during the time of the machines Turk and the initial version supports functionalities like hoaxes and trickery.  It took almost 60 years to develop a modern computer chess game and this game is proved to be one of the best games ever developed across the gamming world. Chess is considered as the best and most attractive game and thus it has drawn an ample attraction of many academic research scholars.

The actual breakthrough for the computer chess game has emerged around the middle of 20th century and the authors like Alan Turning and Claude Shannon has worked and presented work on the computer chess game. Claude Shannon has published an article known as Programming for computer chess game in 1950 and many other authors followed this.

Both these authors has given a rough idea how to program a computer chess game and even today many programmers are following the same lines to code the modern computer chess game with some additional features. As the technology has increased a lot during the last 40 years, the performance of the chess game has also increased due to the high end processors and technical advancements in the programming languages.

Computational power of computer has increased a lot such that it can make moves over million times faster when compared to humans and a best example for this is a match between Kasporv and Deep Blue machine, where the Deep blue has made 200 million moves, where the human user has made hardly three moves. 

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