Computer Assessment Emulator CSE Project Report

Introduction to Computer Assessment Emulator Project:

The Computer took the society into another era. The era of the information is very difficult to memorize in the human brain which is able to store and differentiate the limited data. Therefore here the educational institutes also have to maintain and manage the huge student ratio and its staff information. We had proposed system for the computer assessment. 

The Project Assessment Emulator had been prepared in the user- friendly manner that can manage the details easily. The details of the records have to be entered on to the computer and then it will not require the more staff to operate the work. The one person can be able to operate the system. The user can also demand for the protection accordingly. The computer emulator system is maintaining the admission information of the students and as well as the staff recruitment. 

The emulator system gives the opportunity of saving course content, branch of study, semester and other information of the institute. We have aimed to develop a system that calculates the internal assessment of the students and their scores in the subjects automatically. The existing system has some demerits. The existing system is not able to provide the details mentioned above in single system. After the manual entries of scores the marks are calculated in the system. There is no proper storage place for the information and also the previous system takes more time. 

In the Proposed system the storage capacity is high because of the SQL Server at back end. The data loss is very rare because the data is stored in the database which is not a feature of existing system. The Assessment emulator has developed by application programs of VC # and Microsoft Visual Studio Platform for the front end program and SQL Server for the back end. 

The Hardware required to develop this program are Pentium IV processor, 10 GB hard disk drive, 512 MB RAM. 

The Assessment Emulator application includes two logins, one is Administrator login level and other is Staff login level. 

Download  Computer Assessment Emulator CSE Project Report .

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