Compressing Bitmap Images Project Report

Introduction to Compressing Bitmap Images Project:

This project is about compressing the bitmap file to a RLE file format. Compressing the files into smaller saves the storage space on the hard disk and also the transferring the images over the Internet  through emails etc becomes fast and easy .The RLE file obtained by compressing  bitmap file can be decompressed to get the original bitmap file. Here not only bitmap file formats but some other file formats can also be compressed by employing the some concepts of algorithms. 

The term bitmap was a throw backs from when monitor could display one other color besides black for two color data files that stores an image, each bit in data file represent one pixel a 1 meant pixel was on, a 0 meant pixel was off. 

A bitmap store the information a computer needs to recreate a picture. For example we can see a beautiful colorful scenery on the computer screen as  screensaver but the computer looks at it  as Zeros and ones it is what the  computer does with those zeros and ones that enables it to produce original images. The bits and bytes in the bitmap tell the computer what color a pixel of the image has to be painted. 

Usually BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF are the mostly known file formats. Among these BMP file format was the native bitmap file format for windows as it closely matches the format in which windows stores the bitmaps internally.

Files are fairly simple to compress but some file formats like GIF are difficult to compress. The default extension of windows DIB file is .BMP.

Being the oldest image formats the bitmap is called as the mother of all image formats as all the images in one or the other way are compressed forms of bitmaps only. It is wise to store uncompressed  large bitmaps to smaller forms and thus the other file formats like JPG, GIF are developed but the core of them is bitmap because while displaying these files must be decoded to bitmaps as it most closely resembles the way the images are displayed on the screen.

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