Comparison between Windows XP and Windows 7 Seminar Topic

This paper discusses about two main operating systems in the market. Operating system provides a platform for the application software to execute. It performs as an intermediate between the application software and the hardware part of the system.

While comparing the two operating system both are been designed by Microsoft, where windows XP was first released in year 2001 later on there were several versions of windows XP in the following years. Some of the main features of windows XP are fast user switching, remote desktop functionality, it also provide good GUI as compared with older versions. The high graphics used in the OS need not perform in older hardware’s like Pentium 3 are the main cons of XP.

Windows 7 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft which has entirely different graphics performance, and much more high performance compared with the older version like vista, XP. Microsoft has worked on this operating system to correct all the bugs reported by the users and tried to improve all features as recommended by the users in the previous version OS developed by Microsoft. Some of the main system requirements are: processor clocked at more than 1GHz and minimum RAM of 1GB and HDD of minimum 40GB.

Some of the main advantage of windows 7 are it is faster than windows XP, it supports almost all software which was installed in windows XP i.e. software compatibility, windows 7 also provide more security features than older version. Windows 7 are available in different versions like home edition, professional, ultimate. On basis of different surveys conducted most of the people prefer to use windows 7 than windows XP, since windows 7 is more faster accurate and more secure than windows XP. But in case of systems with low system configuration windows XP is the correct choice.

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