Comparison between IPhone and various smart phones in Users perspective

IPhone is outstanding when comparing to other smart phones in terms of technology form the case studies based on metrics we can know various contrast and differences of other smart phones.

This study also gives additional information that more than 85% of the IPhone customers in USA utilise this for reading daily news and other data from websites. But when we came across the other smart phones only 13% use for mobile internet for reading daily news and surf other information. And the other important point in the study gives that 60% of the IPhone customers Google through IPhone but with other smart phones6% is only possible.

There is also big difference in usage pattern when it is matched in with other smart phones users. Now we will discuss about the additional features which are exclusive to IPhone customers these may be the reason mobile internet to a high level. It clearly makes a mark that the big screen on the IPhone is one of the advantage as it is easy to view the information and high technology design  gives the customer more comfort  these are the main reasons out of many reasons which are simple.

When we come to find the customer experience regarding the mobile phone screen is explained in detail in the graph given below it explains us how much the screen should be in percentage form. In 1980’s it was just 10% but it now is raised to 90% from this we came to know that iPhone uses extreme technology as we can see single button on the front and remaining is screen.

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