Company Information Tracking System (CITS) B Tech CSE Java Project Report

Company Information Tracking System is a part of automated HRM system for human resources or employee and company information management system. This system can make benefits in real world by means of various approaches like offers wide variety of reports that give you what you need in real time, view payroll information department wise and view / search information of a particular employee. It stores the company information as organization file and also gives facility of adding, modifying and deleting data at later whenever required. Checklist is maintained for a particular event that lists out all the items required in advance before the event starts. The old existing paper work system was tedious and manual so it raises to the redundancy of information as well as increasing of the cost for the all the useless resources. The searching of a company and employee profile from a long table in this manual system was almost impossible.

The proposed system was designed to eliminate all the drawbacks of existing system by providing the various features.

  • It is available on web worldwide due to this from any where it is accessed.
  • Fully automated, robust and highly secure by means of user authentication
  • User friendly interface to work
  • Speed and accuracy is the primary key of this system
  • Reduce the unnecessary redundancy of the information

The proposed Company Information Tracking System (CITS) system is designed with frontend tool which is one of the platform independent technology java server pages (JSP) by java technology and backend as MYSQL database and supported web server is Apache Tomcat 6.0. The minimum hardware requirement is Pentium processor with processor speed 1.1 Ghz, minimum 256 MB of RAM, 20 GB of hard-drive with SVGA monitor including two or three button mouse and standard windows keyboard.

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