Commn Tracker a Planning Project in Asp.Net

Commn Tracker a Planning Project in Asp.Net is developed to reduce manual work in software companies where there are large number of employees. This software has new entries, View Reports, Modifications. Detailed explanation about modules are explained below.

Planning and Tracking System Project

 The modules present in this application are,






 P A S (People Allocation System)


Employee: As Wipro Technologies support 53000+ employees working around the world in different projects, the utilization calculated until now is a statistical work, in order to have the accurate results, the modules should be automated, commn Tracker is an application which automates and build a logical relational between all the modules. The description of the modules is as follows, Employee modules consists of all the details about the personal details about like name, Emp-ID, age, sex, e-mail and other details of the work performed. The employee module also consists of the details like band, visa, operational, practice. The band represents to which category of selection he belongs e.g., Team RAINBOW, WASE, etc. and the visa type of the respective employee i.e. whether H1, L1, RL1, WP (for all the European Countries). These details helps out in finding whether he is working onsite and offsite and if he working abroad, then what are the allowances that the company has to provide for the employee. Many other details of his billable and non-billable days of working is also retrieved. The tables on which the web pages are linked are EMPLOYEEREPOSITARY, EMPLOYEE1

Account: The account is a tag which is attached to an employee, when an employee is working billable to One project and non-billable to some other projects, One tag regarding each project is given and for an employee having  0(zero) tags, he is said to be at free pool. For each account again, the respective visa, band, and operational practice. These details provide summarized information of each account associated with an employee. The web pages are logically linked to the backend by using the tables ACCOUNT1, ACCOUNTREPOISITARY.

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