College Information System Project in Vb.Net

Providing a complete and comprehensive College Information System Project software package that provides number of services for maintaining data related to day-to-day activities of the organization.

College Information System


Providing accessibility to all users who have a valid userID and password according to the assigned privileges.

 This system also provides the following facilities such as:

1) Managing accounts, transport, hostel, fee, course, building, student masters, allotment of route/bus, hostel…

2) Provides services like fee refunds, regular fees, tc issues, previous dues, permissions, reset password features.

3) Request for making queries regarding fee called, fee discount list, transport details, accommodation details, building details.

4) Support for generating reports regarding student details, fees reports, certificates, Tc issue details, fees analysis reports, loan estimation reports, hostel vacated list, identity cards, birthday greetings.

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

CMIS-College Management Information Syste.m


Bees software present in our college.



Entrepreneur, Organizations academicians


 Software Requirements

 Operational Requirements

  • Background information of the project.
  • Target environment.
  • User characteristics – Profile of the intended user ( if applicable)Block diagram / context diagram(DFD Level 0) / Higher levels of DFDs / E-R diagrams/Usecases
    • Assumptions and Dependencies of this Software on other systems. Any assumptions made regarding the basic inputs, concepts, etc. have to be recorded here.

 Functional Requirements

(Please refer to the Guidelines for DFDs and UseCases for more details)

  • For each major function specify the following
Requirement Tag ID CollegeManagementInformationSystem_srs_login_01
Source/Trigger User is validated in login page and if user is valid then he is redirected to menu  page.
Description Input Enter userID and Password of user.
Process It checks validity of UserID and password.
Output Valid user is redirected to menu  page.
Validation Method Checks the UserID and password with the data present in the database

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