Code Division Multiple Access Seminar Topic for ECE With Report

Introduction to Code Division Multiple Access Seminar Topic:

With the daily activities the need of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. With the increasing number of users to accommodate the efficient use of broadband is becoming the most important priority among the mobile phone systems. CODE DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS SYSTEM is one of the most excellent solution.

For implementation of a communication system that has multiple accessing options CDMA is one of the most important methods. The technique of multiple choices includes many local stations or subscribers who can share the uses of a communication channel. A channel is a part of the limited radio resource that is allocated temporarily for specific purposes like a phone call. The method of multiple access is a description of hoe the spectrum is segregated into various channels and how they allocate it to the users of the system. As there are many users who are transmitting over the single channel therefore a method is must to be established so that individual user will not able to disrupt each other. There are three procedures for performing this: 


The bandwidth available is divided into non overlapping bands of frequency in this technique. Further these sub bands are allocated to users on the basis of time. 


Here each of the users is allocated with spectral occupancy but only for a short period of time and this is known as a time slot. Buffers zones are inserted in between the slots of assigned time in the guard time format. This helps to reduce user interface. This technique also has some of the drawbacks of its own. 


In this technique the limitations of the above techniques are overcome and here the the users spread across the time and frequency in the same channel. This is a combination of TDM and FDMA.

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