Code Blue Polytechnic Seminar Report

Code Blue is a wireless infrastructure intended for deployment in the emergency medical care, with help of low power wireless vital sensors, PDAs. This project will first consider the users ability to access patients on scene, and it ensures the seamless transfer of data between the systems, and facilitate correct allocation of hospital resources. There are large amount of systems connected in the hospital which are in extremely volatile network conditions this infrastructure able to support reliable, ad hoc data delivery and able to provide a decentralized security model in this network in the hospital. This technology has enormous potentials to have impact on many aspects of emergency medical care.

In this project sensor are been used to capture continuous and real-time vital signs from a large number of patients in the hospital, relaying on the data to be handheld computers carried by emergency medical technicians (EMTs), physicians, and nurses in head of the department in the hospitals. this project also has a well defined database for storing patient’s data such as identification marks, treatments records, history i.e. the database system used by the software like SQl and paper charts.

This project code blue is an efficient wireless communication suitable for medical devices that addresses to the ad hoc network naming, formation, and discovery, authentication and security. This application can be used in area such as Pre-hospital emergency medical care, In-hospital emergency medical care, Stoke patient rehabilitation, Disaster response. It has been designed for providing features such as Routing, naming, discovery and security and authentication for wireless medical sensors. It also provides correctness in the hospital records, allows collecting information related to patents automatically via signal in wireless network, long term observation of records in a fast and effective manner. This potential application helps to save lives in the hospitals and helps to create valuable data for medical researches and cut of the cost in the medical services.

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