Cloud Servers VS Virtual Private Network CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to Cloud Servers VS Virtual Private Network:

The scalability of the virtual private network is directly depending on the resources on which we are residing presently. If we are using virtual private network and we are having 8 GB of RAM and we want to convert it into 32GB RAM this cannot be possible due to the limitations of the servers that we are using for connection our network or computer.

It is time consuming when the data has to be move to different nodes and in it the data is stored dynamically. This is not a good technology. The person that is using the virtual private network is not possible to detect the location. The infrastructure is static and it is not possible to build 20 virtual private network from an 8 GB RAM.

The scaling in cloud sever is very easy and the data in it not stored dynamically and the data is stored in centralized form. So this allows the user to access the network from anywhere. It can scale one node to full size in vertical to 128 GB RAM if our application need it. This technology allows the user to use the resources in a maximum way and can tell the requirement of the resources.

Availability: – It is not highly available in the network. If our hardware is goes down then the network of virtual private network will go down and it not restore till the hardware is restored properly. In this we have to not worry if the sever goes down. This sever related to cloud will remain online all time so we have to do no worry about it. The data in this is stored in centralized form so we can access any node for the data from anywhere and at anytime in this world

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