Cloud Computing Seminar Report

Internet has taken the whole world by storm, each day the technology is climbing a notch higher. Cloud computing is such an innovation which is making rapid strides in the field of computer technology.Cloud computing eliminates any type of installation procedures. A user can surf, manage and update his data anytime on the net and that too with high security assurance. The storage of data is centralized along with bandwidth, memory and processing. A customer is the ultimate beneficiary of this technology as they can access, share and send data through an email server without any type of installation or hard disk storage.

The 3 main uses and features of Cloud computing:

  • Application
  • Storage
  • Connectivity

The advantages of Cloud computing:

  • Plenty of info from the net
  • Easy storage & retrieval of data online
  • Business becomes more flexible
  • Can avoid the use of hard disks or other storage devices
  • Saves time, energy & money
  • Safe and secure mode of file access or sharing 

In the present market there are numerous companies and organizations which offer fully secured cloud computing for e.g. Google, Microsoft, adobe, cisco etc.  Google has released a new innovative venture called Google Drive whereeach user can store and retrieve large no: of data, the whole thing are managed and monitored using large Google servers and data warehouses. For expanding ourbusiness, cloud computing is a non-avoidable technology as it ensures complete portability of data around the globe on a button click. The buying of additional large storage devices or support mechanisms like portable hard disks, pen drives etc. can be avoided; instead we can utilize cloud computing for the storage and retrieval of large chunk of data.

Features and facilities in a cloud company partner that we should look for are:

  • Services
  • Reputation
  • Capability
  • Customer support
  • Safety & security of the data. 
  • Proper Data Management

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