Client Server Live Meeting Application in Asp.Net

Client Server Live meeting Application is a web based application developed in programming language. Main objective for developing this application is to provide solution for organizations to share information between employees using a chat feature and mailing application which is integrated in a single software. This software will provide management features where employees and many other features are updated to database for reference.

Client Server Live Meeting Forms Overview:

Admin should register with application to get user name and password to login with application.  Admin main forms consists of home, add, view , report, change password  and log out options.

Add Country:  This form is used to add new country to database.  We can add country name, description and click add to set record in database. Result is displayed on screen.

Admin will have option to delete or update existing records which are displayed on the screen.

Add State:  Using add state we can add states under country. We can add state by selecting country, state name, description and click add feature.

Add Industry: Using this form admin can add different types of projects organization is handling like automobile, clothe industry, mobile, plastic..etc.

View All Users: Total number of users registered with application is displayed using this form. This form displays user name, first name, phone number with delete and update option.

User Logout History:  Users who used this application details are shown in this form with login name, logout date, log out time.

Admin can get feedback messages form employees and attachments to view which can be printed using print option or save to system.

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