Classified Website Project Report

Classified Website Project is a web based application developed in programming language. Detailed explanation about this project is explained below. 


Guest Site:

 Our website enables the Guest user to register themselves as user or advertiser.

 Guest user can see the categorized classifieds/ads uploaded by advertiser and also search particular classified. 

User Site:

User can see the categorized classified/ads and also search particular classified.

User can send a query to advertiser for particular classified and get response for that query.

User can save particular ads.

User can update personal detail 

Advertiser Site:

Advertiser can purchase scheme to upload classifieds/ads.

 To upload classified, advertiser has to select particular scheme that have sufficient balance and has to define display format for that classified.

Advertiser can receive query from user for particular classifieds/ads and give them response.

Advertiser can view scheme ledger that contain current status of scheme and classifieds/ads upload in different scheme.

Advertiser can get remainder related scheme status i.e. scheme expiry and point expiry.

Advertiser can update their personal detail

 Advertiser can search particular classifieds/ads. 

Admin Site:

Admin can manage the different databases.

Admin can also upload and mange classifieds behalf of advertiser.

Admin can approve scheme activation and ad activation request of the advertiser.

Admin can view the details of user, advertiser and their scheme detail and feedback detail.

Admin can search particular classifieds/ads.

Classified Website Project Advantages:

We hope that this type of online classified portal will yield to certain benefits to customer. We have tried our best to illustrate some of them. 

 Large amount of documentation preparation is reducing to a large extent because this system automatically dose required calculations and maintains records. 

Save time of users and yield accurate and precise results. 

Proposed system can keep track of important details of users and also of classifieds. 

Large amount of data can be maintained easily. 

 It provides descriptive information to the users about classifieds on a single key stroke.

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