Claim Processing System Project Report

Introduction to Claim Processing System Project:

Purpose of the system:

The Claim processing system is an automated insurance convenience for all phases of life. The foundation of the system begins from registration of the consumer. Then a sequence of processes such as examination and other confirmations that finally finish with either enrollment or refusal.

This system is improving the conveniences offered to the consumers by changing it into an automated and online system. There is a facility for the management to immediately enroll under the Insurance Company online and the remaining procedure like, the whole processing of deal is automated. The data access is limited to illegal users of the head office and the branch office and the official description is kept secretive. The time-consuming manual system is fully ruled out. Right from enrollment to announcement by the staff and finally the claim, amount etc is digitized. Restoring data and pursuance regarding each prospect becomes simpler. The goal of this system is to offer the utilities to the policy holders, which is useful in claiming their auto accident and harms of the vehicle online. It assists companywide incorporated system involving all operational regions of a claim processing.


A claim is a legitimate action to get money, property or the execution of a right against another party. The legitimate papers holding a claim is known as a Statement of Claim.

The suggested system is entirely automated and requires to manage the focused database to reserve the data and distributing the information from the local database is a tiresome task. The Policy Holder can ask for a claim appeal via this online system and his data will be reserved in focused database that can be shared by all the users.

This system has been recognized to be presented with seven modules-Administrators, Insurer, Surveyor, Customer (Policy Holder), Reports, Authentication and Search.

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