Civil Registry System Project Report in Asp.Net

In these times it is very difficult to apply for government papers and cards easily and  swiftly, for e.g. If we wish to apply for a passport there is a thousand procedures in front of us, we have to visit the concerned office many times and this will be extremely difficult and tedious for busy persons. Moreover it is important that we have to be in a good terms with the authorities for the smooth procedures of getting a license or any other cards such as ration card, voter’s identity card etc. Civil Registry system is a perfect remedial solution for all the disadvantage of the present system, the proposed is an online portal which helps the citizens of this county to connect with major government departments. Registered users can apply for the cards issued by various departments online through this site. Users can also keep track of their application status on a button click instead of dragging through government office corridors. Civil registry acts as an online consulting agency which provides legal assistance while applying various cards and documents. Marriage Registration, Birth and Death certificates, Application to various public departments such as water, electricity, passport etc. can be submitted or applied online for further processing.

There are mainly three modules associated with this project. They are:

  • Administrator Module
  • Visitor Module
  • Registered User Module

Administrator looks after the total management of the portal including the site visitors, registered users etc. Various verifications and approvals are under admin’s jurisdiction. Visitors would have the option to browse through the site and register with the site. They can also enquire about various legal and application formalities at online help desk. They can also post online ads. Registered users will have a benefit of submitting their online applications for cards or documents under various departments. They can also register marriages, births and death in family by submitting the details in this site. 

Download Civil Registry System Project Report in Asp.Net .

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