City Life Java Project


City Life is the website which contains relevant information regarding Hyderabad city. This website provides details  about  hotels , restaurants, malls, tourist places, famous spots to visit. It will help the users who want to know the information about Hyderabad city and its visiting places. This website has simple user interface that is easily accessible by the  user.

City Life Java Project1

Existing System:

In the existing system  there are various separate sites in order to know the information  about the historical places, hotels, restaurants and places. The existing sites having various ads and pop-up’s which  makes user uncomfortable.

City Life Java Project

Proposed System:

In the proposed system user can find  different categories available in one site. User can know the information about different places  those want to visit and can plan his schedule based on his knowledge. Ads-Free website & straight forward. Designed to give the feedback by liking and commenting. This website provides short videos on tourist places.

Software Requirements:

Language                                :           Java

Web technologies                   :           JEE (Servlets/JSP)

Front-end Design                    :           Html, CSS, JSP, Bootstrap

Database                                 :           MYSQL

Scripting                                  :           JavaScript


From the above discussion we conclude that the project city life has successfully satisfied the requirement of the users. This project helps the user to find the popular visiting places in particular city. Users can make the bookings from their location. This projects saves lot of time in searching the places in the city to the visitors.                          

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