Citizen Card System Project in Java

Often we find ourselves on the wrong end of the dealings with the government departments; we usually waste a lot of money on bribes for having our work done on time. Another major area of concern is keeping track of the consumer no: and other department formalities while paying the bill or applying for something. To have a unique identity no: is a new and innovative concept in India although mostly all developed countries have already it in place. For e.g. in a country like USA, there is a special no: called Social Security No: (SSN) for each individual citizen of their country. Also payment of bills generated by various departments is a painful process for us many, this application portal allows users to pay bills like telephone, electricity etc. online without any fuss whatsoever.

The whole project can be split into 3 major modules: 

  • Admin Module
  • User Module
  • Department Module

Admin module is the most important module among the three. Admin can view new user registrations and approve them. They can view the citizen card requests from the registered users and can assign or reject it. They can view complaints or remarks posted by user. Admin can add departments and also give them login authentication. Admin can also view all the user or department details on a button click. Department Module would have features like bill generation per user and can also view the user payment status of the bill. Users can register with this site and can upload all their profile details including photo on this site. Users can can apply for the citizen card online. They can view the status of the application request and also post complaints regarding the same. Users can view their department bills online and can make online payment towards the same. Once the card is approved they can view their card online. 

Download Citizen Card System Project in Java .

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