Citizen Card System Documentation

Citizen Card System is a type of application that is capable of providing the information related to Citizens within the country. Every country has its own citizen policies in which each and every citizen will have their unique ID through which the personal information of the citizen will be updated. In order to get work done from any government based offices, there is a need of visiting different departments that has many ids etc. By using this citizen card system, users can perform different activities for paying bills such as telephone bills, electricity bills, Municipality bills, tickets booking as well as baking activities such as banking services, taxing services, insurance services, credit card services, credit rating system, Gas services as well as provident funds etc. By making use of the credit rating systems, the personal information of the user can be identified through which the person’s character can even be noticed.

Existing System

The existing system of this application is a manual one which consumes more time in which there is no possibility for interaction of similar users and even much mismanagement and errors will take place.

Proposed System

The proposed system of this application is capable of maintaining the details of entire users efficiently and it is a user friendly application in which each and every task related to user will be performed in an efficient manner.

Software Requirements

This application needs an Windows XP or 2003 or Linux operating system with HTML and CSS user interface that has client side java scripting with java programming language along with JDBC, Servlets and JSP web applications with My Eclipse 6.0 version that has Oracle 10g data based with a tomcat 5.x server deployment. 

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements of this application are Pentium IV processer with 40Gm hard disk and 512MB Ram. 

Download Citizen Card System Documentation.

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