Chit Fund Management System Asp.Net Project

Chit fund management system project report is on chits. This deals with the various aspects of transactions which are being made in chits and finance for the betterment and growth of an organization.This transaction can be regarded as the corner stone of the financial structure. They occupy primary position. 

Now-a-days each and every company wants to occupy best position in the market to achieve their goals, so they have to provide quality and speedy services to withstand the competition. For this purpose the organization are automating the transactions. 

So the fundamental object of this project is to analyze the daily transactions which are made in chits and finance.The full aim of the project is to design system for finance company to do their transactions in an efficient way. 

After creating group it allows to create members. Every month auctions of individual groups and bid payments, receipts will be stored in corresponding database, receipts contains details of all chit members including their monthly payments.


The Chit fund management system system is a computer assisted system. In this system user would obtain all the required data bases from the computer itself and schedules by observing these data bases. Here the system itself would update whatever we required. In normal manual system the possibilities for error occurrence is high. But in this computer assisted system gives all the alert messages, warnings, helps etc. whatever we required. 

             This computer assisted system is user friendly system which helps through timely messages. In these systems, a single user is enough to maintain the details and perform calculations in the system.

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