Chat Server Project Report in Java

Introduction to Chat Server Project:

Chat server is an online system created for the community of people to interact with one another on the Internet. This system provides solution to most of the shortcomings of the traditional system. The teachers, students and the firm are profited evenly by the suggested system. The system preserves a great amount of time and effort too, for both. A new software has been introduced for chatting, which is called Chat Server. This software plays a pivotal role in decreasing the interaction gap among the various people in a college, so it can be termed as very significant for the college.

This system includes four stages of interaction or three modules:

  • Administrator level: Administrator level enables only the administrator to log in to it and  make required alterations in database and other significant fields of the system, by going to this level. He has the authority to accept or decline the request of a newly registered user.
  • Staff level: Staff level is meant for the employees functioning at different divisions and departments. The employees will log in employing the user ID and password.
  • Student level: Student level enables the student to login in to the site from any place. He can get to know the position of other chatters by login and can chat online and offline and also send feedback to his teachers.
  • Parent level: Parent level enables the parent to chat with his ward as well as the teachers.

Hardware Requirements:

An Intel Pentium class, 600 MHz or higher, a RAM of 256 MB, a Free hard disk space of 600 MB, a super VGA monitor and a CD ROM drive of 52X is required.

Software Requirements:

An Operating System of Windows 2000 Advanced Server Windows XP, client side-HTML and server side- JSP, Servlets are required.

Download  Chat Server Project Report in Java .

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