Chat Room Project in Java

Chat room project is a java based application which works on socket programming. This project has features to create multiple chat rooms and invite friends to chat rooms and perform chat operation.



Every man made entity is first a concept in someone’s mind.  Computing systems like other products of technology are developed in response to perceived needs.  Sources of software product ideas include externally generated customer requirements, internal organizational requirements, marketing plans and organizational mission plans.    Most software development organizations are very selective in deciding which products to develop; not all targets of opportunity are exploited.  The decision to proceed is usually based on the outcome of a feasibility study. 

The first step in planning a software project is to prepare in the customers terminology, a concise statement of the problem to be solved and the constraints that exist for its solution.  The definitive problem statement should include a description of the present situation and the goals to be achieved by the new system. 

Problem definition requires a thorough understanding of the problem domain and the problem environment.  Techniques for gaining this knowledge include customer interview, observation of problem tasks and actual performance of the tasks by the planner.  The planner must be highly skilled in the techniques of the problem definition because different customer representatives will have different viewpoints, biases and prejudices that will influence their perception of the problem area.  In addition, customer representatives may not be familiar with the capabilities that a computer can offer in their situation, and customer representative are seldom able to formulate their problems in a manner that yield to logical, algorithmic analysis.


  • Existing chat application allow user to chat in a public domain only. 
  • Certain chat applications permit the user to create rooms, which are private. 
  • Only one-to-one communication is permitted in the private room.  Private room does not send and receive messages between more that two clients. 
  • Users cannot create groups among themselves. 
  • E – mail permits users to create groups but is one-way communication system. 
  •  Pre determined groups and rooms created by existing chat software too does not consider the permission of other members before permitting members into that particular group.

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