Changing Features of the Automobile Industry in Asia MBA Project in Automobile Industry

Current changing aspects that are taking place in Asian automobile companies especially in Indian automobile companies. The global market development has changed the economic standards of Asian countries and it has shown positive impact on automobile sector. This article explains the economics of automobile industry and compares different Asian automobile countries with Indian automobile industry. Information on different Asian countries like India, China, Indonesia and Thailand are explained. Among these countries Indian and China’s automobile industries are giving tough competition in the global market and are playing major role in the World automobile sector.

Finally, the information on automobile trades of Asian automobile industries is described in detail within this article. The future improvements should be made to this article in order to give information on competitive advantages of these automobile companies of Asia.

The information on Asian and Indian automobile industries is clearly explained in this article and the information on Indian automobile industries is taken into account in order to fulfill research requirements.

After reviewing this article, researcher justified that among the total Asian automobile companies Indian automobile industry is the tough competitor that is playing major role in development of automobile sector. 

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