Change Management A Key to Successful Outsourcing

In this article, the author writes about the prevalence of databases in more than hundreds of companies. The author also describes the various aspects of customer relationships and managerial practices which are effective and efficient. The author also provides a detailed explanation of the main points which he has highlighted.

The author emphasizes on the significance of change in the managerial practices and also within the companies. The author further explains the important strategies that may be used to solve the problems encountered during the process of implementing these changes. The author supports his propositions by describing the various strategies that are being implemented by the human resources departments of many companies.

The author also discusses some other retention policies proposed by him. The author is of the opinion that the company must be patient while building relationships with the HR department and with other departments too. The author also writes about the integral role which the service provider plays.

The author explains the benefits that companies will receive if they employ the management programs proposed by him. The author writes about the responsibility of the company who is the client and also describes his research on the process of outsourcing and its potential benefits in bringing about positive organizational changes.

After reviewing this article, the researcher concludes that the author has presented his point of view on the matter of change in organizations. However, the points that the author has mentioned about organizational change need more groundwork. 

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