Centralized Authentication Registry Asp.Net Project

Introduction to Centralized Authentication Registry Asp.Net Project:

This project ought to be executed employing Web Services or WCF technology solely. The aim is, in the largest institutions, the User documents will be integrated in a register. For the access of various applications, the validation description will be restored from the register (generally Lotus Notes Domino or Windows Active Directory) and grounded on documents, the applications access part will be offered.

For instance, in an institution, the staff member will be recorded with an application to satisfy the connecting formalities. When he associates himself with an institution, he receives an User ID and Password, similar documents he/she ought to be capable to employ the Intranet/Internet applications of the institution such as Mails, Attendance, Leave plans, Staff member reference for new jobs, employing Email of the institution to buy objects with firm trademark.

Functional needs:

Manages the various applications

  1. Maintain staff members’ data
  2. Offers safety to the applications
  3. Produce reports
  4. Constrain the  authorizations via web services
  5. Maintain user profile, alter password, description in case of forgetting the password.

Non-functional needs:

  1. Safe access of private data(user’s description) ought to be offered
  2. Access of the application round the clock
  3. Application ought to be approachable over Internet
  4. Reformed element design to gain reformed performance at peak time
  5. Manageable service grounded architecture will be greatly suitable for expansion in the future.

Hardware Requirements:The system should have an Intel Pentium or above Processor, a RAM of 512 MB and a Hard Disk of 40 GB.

Software Requirements:The Software needs include  a Windows XP or above Operating System, a Database- MS SQL Server 2005, a Web Server-Internet Information Services 6.0 or above, Web Technologies-HTML, CSS, Java Script, ASP.NET with VC#.NET, Client Application- Internet Explorer 6.0 or above  and IDE & Tools-Microsoft Visual Studio.Net-2008, AJAX Tool kit, Web services.

Download  Centralized Authentication Registry Asp.Net Project .

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