Caterers Management System Project VB Project with Source Code

Project Title: Caterers Management System Project VB Project with Source Code

Software Requirements:  VB, VB.Net, MS Access, HTML.

Project Description:  The main objective of developing this Caterers system VB based web application is to make catering system simple and dynamic.

The output of the project contains menu bar with different navigation functions those are master, transaction, report, help, and exit. When we click on the master link on the menu bar it can provide customer details, supplier details, worker details, worker type, raw material, menu category, type.

Transaction module contains customer orders, invoice, worker salary, supplier salary. Report module contains customer invoice, customer order, monthly customer order report, worker salary, monthly supplier order report.

The customer details module provides information about the customer; the details included customer ID, customer name, customer address, pin code, mobile number. The supplier details also same as customer details.

Caterers management system VB Project with source code, documentation, paper presentation, MS access database file.

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