Introduction to Case Study on Real Time Processing Sensor Network and Automotive Safety Application:

The very popular quote regarding safety is “Safety is cheap and effective insurance policy”. 

The automobile industry has become very conscious regarding safety. The very much experiment has been done for this area. The number of Processors has been developed to control the automobiles emergency systems. 

The world has been familiar with the various safety sensors consisting of the quick and accurate. These safety sensors are Microwave sensor system, Infrared light system, Laser system, Accelerometer for position detection. The above mentioned sensors have the safety applications like the Front and Rear warning, the lane detection warning system, automatic emergency braking. 

The Proposed safety system deals with the innovating and superb Image processing system that helps a person in skilled and efficient driving. 

The Lane Departure System possesses the high speed camera to take a snap shot of an image on the road at every regular intervals, the image is further transferred to the system for processing. The image goes for the detection called Edge Detection Technique that identifies the lane by the use of Sobel, Canny, and Prewitt edge detector. The Hough Transform further detects the lane and match with the existing vehicle or car situation. The Lane departure system hence keeps control and observation on the car. 

The innovating automotive safety systems are helpful to track the Lane and any incidents. Although the use of high speeds processors such as Blackfinn Processor enhance the use of application in real time system.

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