Career Information Maintenance Project in Java

Career Information Maintenance is a project in Java developed for Engineering Corporation. The main concept of Career Information Maintenance is to computerize the users profile and conduct online interviews.By using this system we can save time and work involved for employing people to the jobs posted.For this a separate section named placement cell is maintained by the company which involves in selecting the right person for the right job.As there will be more one person posting for a single job online tests can be conducted for the users at a time and all the users will able to get the results within no time. So this system of implementation can be followed by any company.   

career information maintenance Project                                                                          

Need to develop Career Information Maintenance: Now a day’s time is becoming more and more precious.100% industries are computerized and there is a vast development in industries either in the public sector or in the private sector.Today every company wants to do any type of work fast and with less investment.So most of the companies are going for computerization where in time and labour involved in manual system will be reduced such that they can use these resources in other work.

 Advantages of Career information Maintenance System Project:

Likely there are so many advantages by using this Career Information Maintenance for a company like NEC.                                          


  • Selecting skilled and professionally needed person for the job.
  • Support of multiple users.
  • By selecting the  users for online test selections can be done within less time.
  • Selections can be done for any branches of the company.

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  1. hello sir , my name is anmol , can u plz help me with the back end of this project ,what will be the backend of this project (Career information maintanence )

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