Call History Analyzer Android Application


This Call History Analyzer Android Application describes all call details and calls bill calculation i.e, missed calls, received calls & dialed calls. Which shows the total call history? By this we can get the total information on calls like no.of missed calls, no.of received calls, and no.of dialed calls and also total time spent in the mobile.

Call History Analyser Sequence Diagram

Collaboration Diagram Details:

  1. Store Call details
  2. Click Day wise information button
  3. Request day wise information
  4. Response for day wise information
  5. Show day wise details
  6. clock month wise information button
  7. request month wise information
  8. response for month wise information
  9. show month wise details

The total information is automatically stored in the background data base without interacting with the user. In this, application there will be three buttons they are Information by month, Information by date and Call cost per second. By choosing this we can know the calls data. It also shows the total duration i.e., how much time is spent on calls in particular month or on particular date. It shows month and date wise.

List Of Output Screens

  1. Home Page

Call History Analyser Home Page

  1. Information by Month

Call History Analyser Info by Month & date

  1. Information By DateCall History Analyser Set date option


It shows month and date of call details and call bill calculations i.e., missed, received and dialed calls. This shows the total call history.
This stores the database by broadcast receiver automatically without interaction with the user.

Download Call History Analyser Android project Source Code.

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