Cafe Suit Internet Cafe Management System Project Report

Introduction to Cafe Suit Internet Cafe Management System Project:

Cafe Suit Internet Cafe Management System Project is implemented in internet cafe for managing the customers, database and also generates report on each event. This project also deals with the managing the customers, employees, controlling computer, printers and scanner connected towards the network, and also securing system connected. This software also provides an additional accounting feature too for billing. This project is able to manage the entire cafe weather it is of any size, so that It is more easier for the cafe manager to operate the entire cafe. 

The software also provides the customers with accurate timing and billing information in their system such that the customer can be aware about his bill and other details. This software provide an option for the customers, such that customers are provided with the customer account and provide them with a an printed account ticket or an magnetic card which can be used by the customers in their future. This software also supports POS devices such as receipt printers and also the features like instant recovery of disk partitions, remote screen, and print controls.

All the transactions and actions are recorded into the database which can be viewed as multiple repots. Security feature which is developed specially for this application helps the entire system to be secured, so that cafe manager can rely on it, unused workstation can be securely locked from the managers system such that no other user can access those system without an proper authorization from the manager. Manager can create different access right to different employee. All the data used by the cafe suite are encrypted and stored to the database which ensures that no data can be accessed without an proper authorization. Waiting queue functions are been provided with the software such that manager can put the customers in waiting in case of big traffic.

Download Cafe Suit Internet Cafe Management System Project Report and documentation.

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