Cab Service Management System Project in Asp.Net

Software which is useful for managing car travel agency for handling office works is defined as cabs service management system “ .  Software is designed in using sql server.

Project Category:

Cab Management system Software

Project Synopsis:

Web based software are playing important role in managing administration works in different fields. These applications are reducing manual work and man power. Considering importance of management software cab service management application is designed for cab agency.

This application can handle

Finance Management: List of forms and there operations in this module

Profile Updating:  Manger who will manage finance details profile is updated to database using this form.

Vehicle Billing System: Using this form payment for booking vehicle is updated.

Vender Billing: Vendor details with payment details are updated to database using this form.

Human Resource Management:  Useful for managing employees related tasks. Main forms in this module

Employee Details: Add, delete, and modify employee details, registration of employee

Shift Scheduler:  Today plan for employee are managed using this form.

Batch Information: Employees are divided in two batches each batch for each route batch is maintained.

Travel Management: Manger under this department will look after route, and employee details to visit that route with date and timings. Main forms in this module

City: Information of routes and places of entire city are available in this form

Shift Details: Shift details of each drive are available in this from which will help to contact driver

Search: User can search for different routes and find out distance and calculate cost.

Maintenance Management System: Manager will have permissions to look after vehicles maintenance like spare parts, vehicle allocation…etc.

Vendor Details:  Add, delete, modify vendor details and update to database

Download Cab Service Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net

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  1. How is the connectivity done with the date base…….??????????? Please want the reply as early as possible project should be submitted with in 2 days….

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