C++ Mini Project on Quiz Game with Source Code and Report

The Project “Quiz Game” has been developed as a very understandable Database of Questions that can be created and handled easily. When you add any question to the Database, the serial number has been assigned to it automatically and settled in the binary file named as Questions. Generally the Database is being a Master file that possesses the tabular format of Quiz, the Sub menu for the subjects like Computer or Mathematics or Science or General studies and Menu option Return.

The software is used on the basis of the Questions asked to the user that belongs to the Menu topics and the user gets only 10 seconds to answer. The Quiz goes like this, the user has to answer the question and if the user is right he or she gains 10 points and if question attempt goes wrong the Quiz will stop and closed. 

The Project aimed to create a easy Database which can be handled and created easily. The Quiz Game is made by considering the interest of the customer in mind. The Reports is made according to the customers presence on the Quiz and payment for the Quiz has to be paid by the customer. 

The Quiz game has huge storage capacity of Questions which is present in the back end file. 

The Project requires the Software Windows XP service pack 1 operating system, Turbo C3 compiler. The hardware used is Pentium IV 1.7 GHz Processor, 64 MB RAM.

Download  C++ Mini Project on Quiz Game with Source Code and Report.

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  1. there is a error in this code- identifier found_record cannot have a type qualifier… please help me remove that.

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