Byzantine Secure Multicast Routing Protocol

Project Description: Byzantine Secure Multicast Routing Protocol project will ensure secure data transmission in wireless networks Voiding intruders. This Project was developed with Java 1.5.

 Developer Role: Providing Authorization: My module will generate certificates and them to the nodes which are in my network. Anybody before accessing the resource should show their certificate and be authorized. So that cannot access the resource.

Project Flow: The user has to show certificate and be authenticated. 

Then he has to enter the data to be transferred, it will encrypt the data and transmits in a secure way by using the following classes and functions available in java package ( By passing “SHA256WithRSAEncryption” as argument to the set Signature Algorithm(“SHA256WithRSAEncryption”) method

Technology: Java 1.5

Byzantine Secure Multicast Routing Protocol Reference Documents.

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