Bus Identification System for Vision Impaired Project Report

Introduction to Bus identification system:

Bus identification system for vision impaired project explains about concept of implementing efficient communication method for blind people. Though there are many applications like text to speech converters, cochlear implants and prosthetic limbs in the market. Using this application we provide and wireless communication system which works on radio frequency for blind people which can improve standards of bus transportation and provides easy accessing method for blind people which minimum risk.

In this application we use BEACON transmitter attached to bus which will transmit signals. VIP’s are provided with hand held device with a audio and tactile interface. Though there are many wireless communication technologies available for effective communication like Bluetooth …Etc. Considering factors like cost and financial performance we use radio frequency technology.

This system is tested on present bus transport system. BEACON transmitter will send details to hand held device through which VIP will understand corresponding routes details and arrival of bus.

As per BEACON transmitter specifications communication between transmitter and receiver are established at 900MHZ. Here we use one way communication between bus transmitter and hand held device. In future this project has scope for implementing duplex communication which will help bus driver to identify VIP’s information and vice versa. Using this method we can improve bus transport service for VIP’s.      

In existing system there is no specific method for helping blind people for improving transport system. Blind people used to take help form other people to catch bus. In present system blind people can find solution using a communication system which will be helpful for transport department as well as blind people. 

Here we provide entire project report with detailed explanation on every topic. 

Download Bus identification system Project Report.

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