Building Management System Project Report

Building Management System Project is a property related website project which is designed to help users to post requirements and available offers for selling properties.

Building Management System

Existing System:

Building Management System Components:

  • In each and every system, there is a particular system components through the system are running till now. The existing system can be any type, they can kept in either maintain in traditional manual system or can be maintained using computerized system. But after some time there is need of implementation to make our organization work in more in advanced way and can competed with the existing system of others. 
  • In the existing system, it cannot keep the track of building  or categories. So the admin and user cannon see the analysis. 
  • The member registers without building exchanging, so more user register here and increase the burden on web application.
  • Member search the building , categories, or highest viewed building  with using the searching tools.
  • No facility for user.

Admin Functionality:

  • In the current application, Admin has no facility to manage design of the website. 
  • Admin is provided with the searching tool, which helps him to manage the members, building and category.
  • Admin also having the reports of below things :

Following are the few types of reports. 





Drawback of Existing System:

  • Free membership is increase the burden on the web application.
  • Customer service takes long to reply and their verification process is unfair and random.
  • The main disadvantage is that this system provides no change to other interactive user to exchange the building..
  • Admin has no facilities for the any kind of reports.

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