Broadband Technology over PowerLine Network Electronics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Broadband Technology over PowerLine Network:

Broadband Technology over Power line networks is a electronic engineering project which explains the technology which uses power transmission lines as transport media for broadband communications. 

There is an increasing awareness of technology in Malaysia. A large number of hitch companies are being established in Malaysia with the government’s technical commitment. But efforts to encourage the technology are very less. Malaysia needs application of ICT to reach its desire of becoming a completely developed country. 

BPL is a technology which provides high speed internet by just plugging a computer in any electrical socket. This project explains the several scenarios and apparatus to obtain Broad band technology over power line networks. 

 BPL with its advantages of wide availability and existing infrastructure and no new wiring required to connect to multiple household devices has entered into home networking markets within a quick time.             

With the arrival of Broad band technology over power line networks the low voltage electrical network of utilities are capable of providing the last mile broadband connectivity to the Internet users requiring high bandwidth. 

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