Brain Computer Interface Seminar Report Doc

Introduction to Brain Computer Interface Seminar Presentation:

 It is the staple of science friction. An idea called ‘jacking in’ has been adopted by cyberpunk in which we slide ‘biosoft chips’ into the skull. The most chief technique among them is stimulating and recording from brain with the help of electrode by using conscious control used in EEG for computer control.

Introduction to bionics: – in human electrical signals are used to transmit command in body. So Bionics is a technique in which computer technology is used as human machine. In earlier times Bionics was only people imagination, used in movies but now it becomes a scientific fact. Their goal is to connect mechanical part of body to human body and it must function like a normal organ and many steps are already taken for the fulfillment of this goal.

Bionic Eye:-In human eye Ratina many biological solar cells which convert light into electrical impulse. Scientists at Space Vacuum Epitaxy Centre found that there are very thin photosensitive ceramic films which respond to light, which can be implanted in human eye to give there lost vision back. Now a day’s injury to retina can be treated by using silicon chips.

Bionic Ear:-By using this technique hearing can become back for deaf person by using electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. A device called cochlear can be implanted in inner ear for recovering partial hearing of the person who is deaf.

Bionic hands:-It is a technology which helps those people who have lost their hand and they may perform many tasks with that hand and they can control their finger by using original nerve system.

Computerized prosthetic knee(C-LEG):-It is a first computer controlled knee which used knee angle sensors. By using this people can walk, run freely.

Future of bionics: – In future we go to see human with bionic eye, bionic tongue, bionic muscle and bionic brain.

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