Bluetooth Wireless Technology Technical Seminar PPT for CSE Students

Introduction to Bluetooth Wireless Technology Paper Presentation:

This Bluetooth Wireless Technology Paper Presentation is about the Bluetooth technology.The main aim beyond its implementation is for transferring the data in an easy way without any physical connections.

Bluetooth is used for establishing of wireless connectivity. It provides the cost effective communication with in the short-range. It makes use of the radio-based link for connection. When two Bluetooth devices are within the distance of 10 meters range from each other and a connection can be established between them.

The name of the technology Bluetooth is given by the name of the king Harald Blatand. The main aim of this technology is for uniting all the worlds for establishment of communication in the telecom field.

The Bluetooth technology allows us for sharing information; it even helps in the synchronization of the data, capable of accessing the internet, also to integrate with the LANs. All these services are made possible with the Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

The applications of the Bluetooth exists in many real time scenarios where the data communication is done between the devices and synchronization is done automatically and files can be transferred , mails can be sent and scheduling of the information can be done accordingly depending on the requirement.

Even when we are in meeting, by accessing the PDA we can send the presentations to the other device. We are even capable of recording the minutes in PDA and data can be transferred using a wireless media before leaving the meeting.

We can conclude that Bluetooth plays a vital role in the wireless technology. It is considered as the cost effective and easy to implement technology.

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