Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Abstract

Introduction to Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks Seminar Topic:

We all know what a Bluetooth is? A Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology used for short distance. It can be seen in any field from mobile to any wireless device such as laptop. It now depend on an individual to what extend can he make use of this form of Bluetooth device .Say you go for gym daily .A gym instructor might use Bluetooth as different set.

There would be multiple machines with Bluetooth enabled. A sensor network would be connected to internet in the central part and the Internet would be connected to client computer or some database.

As with network there is need to have some human intervention,if we need to automate the task .Thus this would eliminate the need of cable connection  .The  main goal Sensor Network Implementation  was to implement and  build a hardware platform and generic software solutions that can serve as the basis and can be used for research of wireless sensor network protocols. 

Bluetooth Based Smart Sensor Networks

Consider a situation where have a monitor station and client PC both are connected to HUB . The monitor station and HUB connected via LAN. The PC and HUB connected via internet or Ethernet. While the HUB is connected to Bluetooth master gateway this is connected to various number of sensors. For smart sensor network the standard is IEEE 1451.The key to gathering the information needed by smart environments, whether in buildings is done by smart networks. It is easy to install a sensor network it makes life of human beings simpler to large extent.

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