Blood Donor Central Database and Web Portal


Blood donor central database java based application which maintains a centralized database to store information related to blood donors and blood providing organizations. This system maintains a means to coordinate the details of donors and organizations at one place.


Blood Donor Central Database  is a web based portal which is developed using java and oracle database to  interact with other systems and  get the details of the donors and organizations. Through our system the nonuser can also become as a donor. The system allows one to access the information about the particular donors or organizations.

In this Blood Donor Central Database and Web Portal we provide the details of the blood donors and  details of the blood providing organizations like hospitals, clinics and blood banks. The application maintains the centralized database to preserve the  details of the blood donors and organizations. Through our website we can give the suggestions to the particular donor or organizations. Our website also provides any common people to join as a donor.


The objective of this Blood Donor Central Database java based Web Portal is to develop a system through which a user can communicate and access information about a particular blood donors or blood providing organizations.



The entire application will be maintained by the administrator. He can only add the new states, new cities, new blood groups and organizations into blood donor portal. He can view the all details of the donors and organizations and he can also send the suggestions to both of the donors and organizations. He can update, delete the profile details of the website. The administrator will give the permissions for donors and organizations to login into our website.


 The donor is a person that who is ready to donate the blood, so first he has to be register in blood donor Portal by specifying his name, contact number, blood group and last donation date. He can view the suggestions of admin and the other donors in the Portal that which are send to him. He can also send the suggestions to the admin and other donors.


If any organization want to give the existence to the people those who need the blood then the organization must interact with the administrator, so the administrator will provide the Id and password to particular organization by adding it into blood donor Portal website.

Here the organizations may be a hospital, blood banks and clinics which are involved in our application. Our website maintains  all details of the organizations. By these the non-user can easily find out the details of the particular organizations and later he can contact with the organizations by their details.


The Non-User is the person  who needs the blood . The Non-User can search the blood donor by specifying proper State, City and the blood group in our Website.

Software Requirements:

Front-end                                             :                       HTML,JS,CSS.

Technologies                                       :                       J2EE/JAVA.

Database                                             :                       Oracle10g.

Server                                                  :                       Tomcat6.o.

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