Introduction to Bittorrent Seminar Topic:

The paper is about the BITTORRENT. It is defined as a protocol which enables the peer-peer communication of file sharing system. It is mostly used when we are dealing with large volumes of data which is transmitted via internet.  

This protocol is used for reducing the impact on the network and also server for transmitting the large files. The file is made into segments called as pieces. Each peer gets a piece of the file being distributed, and then it becomes the source in case of other peers. It is capable of dividing or distributing the task i.e. the distribution of the file is shared to the peer who is requesting it. It is also even capable of sending the copy of the file and gets it distributed among the other unlimited peers.

The existing studies which are considered are single-torrent based, but most of the peers have capability for dealing with the torrents which are multiple based on our analysis. Also these studies are not even accurate for the single-torrent based due to some assumptions. Therefore our analysis on the Bit Torrent system has provided with various assumptions.

The limitations with the systems related to the BITTORRENT are, the decrease in case of the peer arrival rate impacts the service availability which makes down and also the file becomes difficult to search and also even download. Other limitation includes the fluctuation in the client performance and changes with peer population. Also the systems which we are using now are not offering the good services to the peers. The limitations which are discussed above helps us for providing a new approach of multi-torrent model.

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