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Introduction to Biometrics PPT Presentation:

Today security has become an important concern for the organization. Organizations need this security so keep track of their daily operation and their information..To implement this security many options are available in market one of which is biometrics this document includes detailed study about biometrics.

Let is learn the meaning of biometrics. Bio means related to biology. Metrics indicated – The science of measurements. Fundamental operations in biometrics are as follows.

a.)    Capture

b.)    Extraction

c.)     Comparison

d.)    Match/Non Match

History of Biometrics

Biometrics was been founded by Francis Galton in 1892. In 1968 biometrics was. After 1960 it actually came to be used as it had many advancements and simplicity is became popular.   

Phases of Biometrics

a.)    Input

b.)    Process

c.)     Output

Now let us take a look at types of biometrics identifications.

a.)    Voice Print

Voice print identification first record the voice print of the person whose voice is to be identified. The sample voice print is checked for many factors so that it matches with that sample voice print with machine. The factor that mainly counts on voice print is vocal activities and the characteristics of the vocal cord.

b.)    Finger Print

Finger print takes the print or image of the structure of fingers and then scans them.

c.)     Iris Print

In this type of identification iris which is located behind the cornea. Iris identification has almost 266 patterns of iris.

d.)    Face Print

This type of identification uses various kinds of features of the face to recognize the users face.      

e.)    Hand Geometry

Hand geometry uses the shape of the user’s hand. Hand scanners are used to recognize the user’s hand.

f.)     Retina Scan

Retina Scan the blood vessels which are located in our eyes

g.)    Keystroke Dynamics

In this type of identification the user is made to type on keyboard and the time difference between their typing keystroke is counted and them the user is identified.

h.)    Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is one of the recent developments and this includes Facial Metrics and Eigen Faces.

i.)      Signature Recognition

In this type of recognition the user is identified from the way he signs and the strokes the pressure throughout the signature is being noted.

Biometrics is being widely used for security purpose and there are many new advancements coming up in market for biometrics.

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