Introduction to Biometric In Secure E-Transaction Seminar Topic:

When we talk about the network first we need to talk about the security. For that we need trained and having good knowledge about the field. For that we introduced the new technique that is called as biometric. It is security feature based on the retina scan, finger prints etc. biometrics is the computation technique used for the biological systems. It used data bases to store the information or deletion or update of data.

Biometrics is a security related feature that identifies the person based on physical and molecular structure. It can use person finger print, retina marks or heartbeat or the structure of the hands forefingers etc.  After taking the data first time it stores them in the data base and when it comes for next time it checks from the data base then it allows for the further processing. This reduces the level of risk to our personal data. This is the new engineering concept that is used in top ten of most used features for the security.

Bioinformatics: it has emerged out from various bio area like biology, biochemistry, biostatics, molecular biology etc. in this technique specially designed algorithms are used with computer databases for the informatics operations.

Best algorithms are used for handling both the hardware and software that are capable for the computers. It is an application that provides computation of related to the field of biology. Bioinformatics use tools and techniques that are classified in three categories: molecular biology that is the source of the data. Computer science that provide platform for the hardware and software and to communicate with results and the last is data analysis: that is the algorithms used to define the bioinformatics. 

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