Bio Informatics Seminar Report

Introduction to Bio Informatics Seminar Topic:

Today the technology is growing at a very fast rate in this world. The technology like Bioinformatics has increased so much that we can say nothing about it. This technology replaces some portion of the body.

If you are born and some the part of the body is defect like you are suffering from the disease or you are mentally weak or you are not tall enough and also you are weak at studies so this all thinks can be replaced by the science and you will become fit from mind, height and physically fit. This has much application in the medical science and it is very useful.

This has introduced many things that are very beneficial for the human. This uses RF technology to control the bimolecular and the Nanocrystal antenna. By this, we can also control the DNA of the human body and it can be build and the other forms of the life cycle of the human being.

Human electronics: – The cell has the unique characteristics that are provided by the nucleolus of the DNA. The DNA in the human is dependent on the specific cell. The DNA contains the two chains and the important message is provided in the sequence of the letters.

DNA chip: – It is the small chip that is used to place the one half of the double helix of the DNA. This chip is used to identify the particular genes that are present in the human body. This is made using the semiconductor and is also called the microarrays.

The DNA chip is used to detect the pathogens that the new technology is able to sense the disease very fast and report doctor about the disease. For detecting the bacteria or any virus in the human body we use the loop-laden chip.

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